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This is a resource for people concerned about the societies in which they live. We will discuss global security issues and show how one small political entity, the Vatican, in pursuing its own interests, has managed to control US population policy and to thwart freedom of the press. It has also undermined not only our own national security but that of other countries and endangered the earth's environment and its inhabitants.

This is not an anti-Catholic website. It is critical of the church's hierarchy, not of its religious beliefs.

As a public health professional my responsibility is to identify risks to the health and well-being of people, find appropriate solutions, and identify barriers to the adoption of programs that will ensure a healthy future.

Worldwide overpopulation is the greatest risk to public health that we have ever encountered. The single obstacle to solving this problem is not money or the lack of acceptable family planning choices, but the opposition by a small group of extreme reactionaries now in control of the Roman Catholic Church. Uncounted numbers of people are denied access to contraception and abortion by the political machinations of a pope who is, by the dogma of his religion, unable to change his mind.

As population pressures continue to mount, democratic institutions on which we depend and the humanitarian values by which we are guided to ensure the health and well-being of all nations are threatened and their security put at risk. It is unconscionable that the lives of so many should be jeopardized because of a vague and arbitrary concept of Papal Infallibility.

Stephen D. Mumford DrPH
Center for Research on Population and Security

The Public Report of the Vice President's Task Force on Combatting Terrorism

The Report of The Commission on Population Growth and the American Future (The Rockefeller Commission)

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Here are the questions we will address and links to resources focusing on the issues.

Is overpopulation a national and global security threat?

Why is the U.S.A.'s most serious national security threat not being addressed?

The United States once had the political will to deal with the overpopulation problem. What happened to that political will?

What has been President Clinton's response to overpopulation as a national security threat?

Why can't the pope change the Church's position on abortion and family planning?

Why is the security-survival of the Vatican threatened by the solutions to the overpopulation problem - modern contraception, abortion, advancement of women's rights, sex education, and the like?

Why did the "Dean of Investigative Reporters," George Seldes, write "This pressure [of the Catholic Church on American journalism] is one of the most important forces in American life, and the only one about which secrecy is generally maintained, no newspaper being brave enough to discuss it, although all fear it and believe that the problem should be dragged into the open and made publicly known.?"

Why is the American press grossly under reporting on the most significant issues of our time, i.e.:
  • overpopulation as a national security threat for all nations;
  • population growth control as a national security issue;
  • family planning as a national security issue;
  • abortion as a national security issue;
  • implications of global warming for U.S. security;
  • the implications of legalized abortion and family planning for papal authority;
  • the relationship between the pope's demand for open U.S. borders and the fact that 90% of immigrants are Roman Catholics;
  • the implications of the current immigration level for U.S. security and American democracy;
  • the Vatican influence on the American press;
  • the Vatican powerful influence over the Republican Party.
Why has there been so much confusion about global warming and the greenhouse effect?

Is global warming a grave U.S. security threat?

Why are we not addressing the global warming threat?

Why and how did the Vatican seize control of the Republican Party?

Why is the Vatican a threat to Americans?

Why has the Vatican taken its "open-borders" position on immigration into the U.S.?

We will also broaden understanding of these important issues:

The conflict between the Vatican and U.S. security.

Vatican influence on the American press.

Vatican use of ecumenism as a tool to advance its security interests.

Vatican responsibility for the torrent of disinformation on population and related issues.

Vatican influence on the United Nations, the World Health Organization and other international agencies.

Vatican influence on the International Feminist Movement.

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