A guide to the Vatican, Catholic Church and overpopulation, population policy, family planning, national security.

Vatican influence on the American press.

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One Nation Under God . . . John M. Swomley reveals a massive political campaign by the Catholic church to achieve religious and political control of crucial American policies and institutions, an undertaking which the popular press and television have virtually ignored. Dr. Swomley discusses the successes of the campaign. Catholic bishops have established an organization in each parish, diocese, state and on other levels and have demonstrated their ability to control political and judicial offices. Form: The Humanist, May-June 1998

Vatican Rejection of Freedom of the Press Examines 150 years of uninterrupted papal hostility toward freedom of the press. Discusses techniques used to "bridle" the press and the conclusion of George Seldes, acknowledged dean of investigative reporters, that on "Catholic issues" there is no free press. from: THE LIFE AND DEATH OF NSSM 200, Chapter 14 - by Stephen D. Mumford

The Catholic League and Suppression of The Press Today The principles governing League behavior, the methods leading to its success, and a collection of specific acts designed to halt public criticism of the Church. from: THE LIFE AND DEATH OF NSSM 200, Chapter 15 - by Stephen D. Mumford

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