A guide to the Vatican, Catholic Church and overpopulation, population policy, family planning, national security.

Vatican use of ecumenism as a tool to advance its security interests.

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THE POPE'S ECUMENICAL MOVEMENT from: THE LIFE AND DEATH OF NSSM 200, Chapter 16 - by Stephen D. Mumford

Political Power of Roman Catholic Bishops. Author John M. Swomley highlights the chronology of the Roman Catholic Bishops’ opposition to birth control beginning in 1921 when New York Archbishop Patrick J. Hayes arranged for the arrest of Margaret Sanger to prevent her from delivering a speech on birth control. He concludes with a description of the silence of Protestant churches about Catholic pressures on the U.S. Congress and state legislatures. From: The Human Quest, May-June 1992


PAPAL POWER: U.S. Security Population Directive Undermined by Vatican with 'Ecumenism' A Tool. Stephen D. Mumford reveals: That...."The Vatican's anti-population growth strategy is part of the scheme to defend its own interests by influencing U.S. government policy."

That..."the National Security Council’s National Security Study Memorandum 200 (NSSM 200) describes in detail how and why world population growth gravely threatens U.S. and global security.”

That...."This study would become one of the most important documents on world population growth ever written."

That NSSM 200....  "provides a detailed blueprint for U.S. response to this serious security threat, reflecting the seriousness with which this definitive interdepartmental study viewed overpopulation.”

Why...."Until now the study has received no public exposure since it remained classified and the recommendations ignored for sixteen years."

This report also offers selected findings of NSSM 200. From: The Human Quest, May-June 1992.

"THAT ALL THEY MAY BE ONE" from: THE LIFE AND DEATH OF NSSM 200, Chapter 16 - by Stephen D. Mumford

Conclusions How the Vatican has no qualms about destroying American democratic institutions in its battle to save the Papacy. from: THE LIFE AND DEATH OF NSSM 200, Chapter 17 - by Stephen D. Mumford

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